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The Institute for Rural Development (ICP) is a leading research and development NGO in the field of Rural Development of Ukraine, funded by Department for International Development (DfID) of the United Kingdom.

ICP is currently expanding its research and analysis activities in certain areas and will require the assistance of key short-term expertise from time to time, in some of the following areas:

Ref. RPSD 001 Rural Policy and Strategy Development Expert

Ref. SME D 002 Rural SME Development Expert

Ref. RLD 003 Rural Livelihood Development Expert

Ref. NGO+FR 004 Development of NGOs and Fund Raising Expert

Ref. SSD 005 Social Sphere Development Expert

Ref. LRC 006 Land Reform and Cadastre Expert

Ref. AAI 007 Agriculture and Agro-Industry Expert

Ref. AFP 008 Agricultural and Forest Policy Expert

Ref. AI 009 Agribusiness Insurance Expert

Ref. AL 010 Agribusiness Leasing Expert

Ref. ML 010 Micro-lending Expert

Ref. M&L 011 Marketing and Logistics Expert

Ref. IWR 012 Irrigation and Water Resources Expert

Ref. ENR 013 Environment and Natural Resources Management Expert

Ref. FNRM 014 Forest and Natural Resources Management

Ref. EI 015 Envest (Environmental Investment) Expert

Ref. VET 016 Vocational Education and Training Expert

Ref. PR 017 PR and Information Dissemination Expert

Ref. PL 018 Para Legal expert

In the first instance, we are seeking qualified candidates to register with ICP, from which short-term requirements will be drawn.

The right candidate, a national or international educated to the corresponding degree level, should have several years of relevant experience, proven track record in the corresponding area, professional and project management skills, good knowledge of Ukrainian and international rural development issues and good command of English (would be an advantage).

If you are interested in this opportunity, please forward your CV in ‘EU format’

(please download the CV format)

together with a cover letter in English or Ukrainian, quoting the relevant Ref. #, by e-mail to: ICP@icp.org.ua

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