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About IRD

      Institute for Rural Development (IRD) is an independent analytical institution working in the sphere of integrated rural development in Ukraine. IRD is made up of economists, lawyers, and experts on social sphere, business development and public administration issues.
      Its purpose is to assist in the development of effective state policies, strategies and programmes aimed at providing solutions for rural socio-economic problems and civil society building in Ukraine.
      Institute for Rural Development is the only analytical structure in Ukraine working towards integrated rural development through:

  • support to rural SME development;
  • support to agricultural sector and agro-market development;
  • support to rural social sphere asset development and creation of conditions for self-realisation of the rural population;
  • development of mechanisms to provide legal support to rural dwellers and promote the rural TPAC system;
  • methodological provision and awareness creation in various aspects of rural development.
      Our expert team works in close co-operation with central and local authorities, non-governmental and international organisations, and regional partners. IRD's scientific contribution includes rural macroeconomic, socio-political and marketing studies their results being reflected in the system analysis of the rural development situation in Ukraine.
      The IRD experts are initiators and co-authors of numerous legislative acts related to the development of rural areas.
Institute for Rural Development works in the following key areas:
  • WTO accession and EU integration prospects for Ukraine: benefits and risks for agricultural producers, agro-food markets and the rural population;
  • farm restructuring and financial revitalisation;
  • socio-economic efficiency of private plot holdings/private rural households and their role in the agricultural production structure;
  • rural development policy (agricultural advisory service, land relations and land market formation);
  • rural business development (agricultural co-operatives, credit unions, rural green tourism etc.) and regulatory policy;
  • rural social sphere reform and development, - social standards, social protection and social services;
  • legal aspects of agricultural service co-operation and third party arbitration court (TPAC) development in the rural areas.
      The IRD experts deliver seminars and trainings for rural representatives across Ukraine on a regular basis. They organize expert discussions, round tables, and press conferences on relevant rural development issues. Their creative input also includes analytical publications and high level information and educational materials offering specific mechanisms for the rural people to solve their socio-economic problems, i.e.: " Credits for the Rural Dwellers ", "Agricultural Advisory Service: Questions and Answers ", "WTO for the Rural Dwellers", "On Public Assistance" etc.
      Since 2004, the Institute for Rural Development has been publishing its quarterly journal "Rural Development Aspects" ("Аспекти сільського розвитку") providing a possibility for policy makers, experts and NGO representatives to express their ideas and offer solutions for the problems facing the Ukrainian rural areas.

      Director of the Institute for Rural Development: Svitlana Stepanivna PROKOPENKO.
      Address: 18 Voznesens'ky Uzviz, Suite 3, 04053 Kyiv, Ukraine
      Tel./Fax: +38 (044) 272 1760; +38 (044) 272 3758.

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